logo2What is the FourCC : CHAM you aks? Caviara Champagne is rarely used today. This was used by the Winnov Capture Cards in order to view their videos. The Videum WNV1 codec files have been added below but you will not that these are Windows 95 and Windows 2000 files.


This is the WINNOV decompressor listed below which uses the Videum WNV1 Codec. There are only 2 file options for older operating systems. Ignore the Google Chrome warning when you download the file. If you are trying to use this on a modern computer such as Windows 10. Then extract the content from the Windows file below and find the INF file. The file in the Windows 96 option is called “Movplayr.inf”. You will need to right-click on the INF file and then click on install. Windows will then install the driver for you.

The Videum WNV1 codec is a video codec that was developed by Winnov. This was for use in their video capture cards. The codec was designed to provide efficient compression of video data captured by the capture card. Then allowing it to be stored or transmitted more easily.

The codec also uses wavelet-based compression much like the ADV1 Loronix Wavelet as well as the ADV1 codec. There is also the Ligos Indeo Codec which all used a proprietary codec. This to achieve its high compression ratios, which makes it well-suited for compressing video content with minimal loss in quality. See also the CFCC codec and CGDI codec.


Winnov Capture Card Codec


Windows 95/98

Windows 2000



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