FourCC : ASV1

logo2See the FourCC : ASV1. If you have a ASV1 then you will know that this codec supplied with the Asus TNT Video Capture adapter. There are not many around any more. You are not going to find any of these on the internet as the driver must be at least 25 years old now.

FourCC : ASV1

The ASV1 is an old video codec. This was developed by Microsoft as well as including the early versions of their Video for Windows. Note that the codec is now considered obsolete. This has now been largely replaced by more modern codecs. We now all know the H.264 codec and VP9 used by Google.

Note that the old Asus TNT Video Capture. Which was a device that allowed you to capture video from a variety of sources. These included the VCR or camcorder options.. You could then save your video to your computer. This component was released in the late 1990s and is no longer widely available or supported.

It’s possible that the Asus TNT Video Capture device supports the ASV1 codec for video compression. However, as the codec is no longer widely used or supported, it may be difficult to find compatible software or hardware to work with it. It’s generally recommended to use more modern codecs for video compression to ensure compatibility and quality.

There are many of these older codecs. The include the Ligos Indeo Codec as well as the codec ADV1 which is also still around.