FourCC : BT20

logo2What is the FourCC : BT20? The BT20 is a codec which has been optimised for real-time compression of YUV images. You can download it here with prosumer codec as the Prosumer codec.

FourCC : BT20

The code shows that the computer needs the Prosumer codec which very few software packages still use. There is a bit of a trick installing it however the installation process is explained. You will also need Virtual Dub to complete this. The Brooktree ProSumer Video decoder you may find in the FFMpeg decoder.

The Brooktree ProSumer Video Decoder is a video decoding chipset produced by Brooktree Corporation, which was later acquired by Conexant Systems. This chipset was commonly used in analog video capture cards for personal computers in the 1990s and early 2000s. There was a push to add this to the FFMpeg decoder software.

See also the Prosumer Video as well as the CIF Single Chip Camera and ASLC codec.

The ProSumer Video Decoder as you will note. It was a popular choice for prosumer-level video capture and editing. This was mainly because of its relatively low cost and high performance. There are now other codecs which has replaced them. However, with the shift to digital video and the rise of more advanced video codecs, it has largely been replaced by newer technologies.