Cannot play .avi/GMP4 files

logo29More people are using cameras today to record video from around their house. Most times the cannot play .avi/GMP4 files error is not understood. Many video surveillance footage requires its own codecs and most times this tends to be the video camera manufacturers own video codecs.

Cannot play .avi/GMP4 files

Most users will try and play the video with the VLC player. However this does not work and VLC does not have the codec which it needs. Most of these require the “GeoVision Advanced MPEG-4 Video Codec” file. This which needs to be installed and then the video player will play the video for you.

The video codec below is what you will need to install and then your video player will play the video and the codecs has been installed on your computer. Ignore the Google Chrome warning when you download this file. Once you have downloaded the file you will need to extract the content. Click on the directory until you find the INF file called “GEOX.inf”. Right Click on the this and then click on “Install”. The codec will then install and you might need to reboot your computer. You can see the instructions with pictures int he article called GMP4 Codec for Windows. This ends the Cannot play .avi/GMP4 files problem.

The GeoVision Advanced MPEG-4 Video Codec is a video compression format. This video format was developed by GeoVision Inc. They created this in order for their CCTV products to work.  This was mainly for their line of digital video recorders (DVRs) and network video recorders (NVRs). Playback with these especially on a GOM media player creates issues. GOM player was not designed for playback of network video recorders or CCTV camera software.



GMP4 Codec



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