RadLight Filter Manager

Download the RadLight Filter Manager here. Much like the RadLight Directshow filter this file was last updated in 2007. You do not need to install this file so you can run it off a USB drive. If you want to control your DirectShow filters then this file will do it for you. The file is still very popular and included in most codec packs today. The software is small and very easy to use.

RadLight Filter Manager

The most common use for this software is to undo the problems created by installing codec packs. This is where the conflicts RadLight Filter Managercannot be managed. There is another software package called Revo. Uninstall which does a better job and fixing the registry after a codec pack install. If you simply want to control your DirectShow filters then this will do else there are other options. This is a codec identifier when there are problems you cannot figure.

Now what is the RadLight Filter Manager one might ask. This software was originally used to manage the filters in the RadLight media player. Today it is used to see what conflicts there are or which codec is incorrect for a player. This can be any media player. See also the FFDShow MPEG4 Video Decoder as well as the Media Player Classic MPC.

The filters on your computer allows your computer to process audio as well as video in a number of ways. The codecs allow you yo adjust colour as well as the color balance in a video. Each filter controls an aspect of the videoplayback. The Filter Manager allows you to control which filters are used by the player or your media player as it is not player specific. Loading the correct filters without codec conflicts will go a long way to solving any playback issues. You should never install codec packs but see which codec is required by a video and only install that specific codec. See also the GMP4 Codec for Windows if you are having problems with GOM Player. This or the Ogg DirectShow filters and the VirtualDub player if there are other issues.



Download RadLight Filter Manager (Version 1.5)

Download RadLight Filter Manager (Version 1.6)