Radiance 5.3

Likewise tot was released officially in 2020, this marks the Radiance 5.3 official release. They have introduced the radcompare program to facilitate the comparison of Radiance tool output with reference outputs during unit-testing. Moreover, they resolved an issue pertaining to the reading of exceedingly large files (> 2 GBytes) within the rcollate tool. The RVU tool has implemented a modification to the picking function. Likewise ensuring it now disregards transparent and void surfaces.

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FFmpegFFmpeg simplifies the process of converting video and audio like never before. We now have FFmpeg 6.0 “Von Neumann,” a fresh major release available for download. This release brings a multitude of improvements, including new encoders and decoders, filters, enhancements to the ffmpeg CLI tool, and a change in our release strategy. Additionally, it transforms the approach to releases. With each major release, we will increase the version of the ABI.

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