DownloadRazorLame is another GUI interface for the LAME encoder which is on this website here. Not everyone like to use a command line software however the best software is still open source and mainly used on Linux. RazorLame much like other GUI interfaces for Lame makes the software usable for Windows users.


RazorLameYou will need to download the software below as well as the LAME encoder. There a number of other GUI interfaces such as LameXP as well as LameDropXPd.

The LAME encoder is a command line software which most do not like to use. The GUI used by RazorLame is easy to use even for Windows interfaces. You will note that much like the other software the Razorlame software makes for easy use.

Batch processing is also allowed in the software. You will need to choose the files you wish to convert and from there choose you encoding type. That means you will need to decide the bitrate or compression rate and also the end file type. This can be anything from an MP3 to Ogg format.

You will note that compared to others the LAME interface from RazorLame can be a bit more complicated compared to others such as LameXP which does not use or need to know the ‘Lame Options”. As an example of file formats:

For MPEG1, frame_size = 1152 samples/frame

For MPEG2, frame_size = 576 samples/frame

As an example, 320k bits/second) * ( 1152 samples/frame ) / (48k samples/second) = 1152*320/48 bits/frame largest mpeg1 frame: 1152*320/32 = 1440 bytes/frame largest mpeg2 frame: 576*160/16 = 720 bytes/frame

The bitrate can be set in the software from poor quality with a small file size to good quality with a larger file size. You will also not that there is an advanced and a VBR option on the menu. Search this website for more information on LAME and the different options which are available to use with the software. Remember you need two pieces of software. The LAME encoder as well as an interface software much like RazorLame or LameXP software. You can also download the Audiograbber + LAME which comes with Lame installed by default. There is also the Audacity Audio Editor.


RazorLame 1.1.5a

RazorLame 1.2.0



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