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The Intel Codec Installer provides the Codecs which you might understand what codec stands for. These are (COmpression  / DECompression) – including the I263 codec – necessary to properly play electronic postcards and video. This also includes the IAC25 codec.

Codec : Intel Codec Installer 1.0

Intel Codec Installer will install the following codecs on your system :

This is the initial codec installer from the company. You will note that the I263 is a video codec from Intel Corporation. This was in the middle of the 1990’s. This was then used for video conferencing as well as with streaming applications. This initial codec was the first ever codec developed. After this also came the next codec generation. The H.264 was the next codec generation with the vfw codec being the most well known.

You will note that the I263 codec used a hybrid compression algorithm. There are two parts to how this codec works. The first is for video where motion compensation as well as the transform coding techniques to achieve high compression ratios . all of this with good video quality. Note that there is also support for a wide range of video resolutions as well as frame rates. There is also the ability to encode both grayscale as well as with your color video.

The I263 codec even though popular when it came to market and now been replaced by newer codecs. The more efficient codecs such as H.264 and VP9 have now taken over. The legacy applications and systems are now only to convert a video into a different format and nothing else. The codec camstudio as well as the gavc codec are newer codecs. Much like the divxa32.acm as well.


Intel Codec Installer

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