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Ligos Indeo Codec

Video codecs originally developed by Intel, but later taken over by Ligos. Used widely throughout many years. Latests versions provide good picture quality and many different bit rates.

– A new wavelet compression algorithm that greatly improves visual quality.

– Better compression at all levels of video quality than previous generation codecs.

– Playback performance enhancements for Pentium II processor, including smoother, interpolated “zoom by 2” playback on processors with MMX technology.

– Progressive Download, a feature enabled in Microsoft DirectShow architecture and supported by Internet Explorer 4.0 (or higher) browser, which allows high-quality scalable video for the Internet and intranets.

– Indeo video version 5.11 supports encoding with Microsoft DirectShow.

Features of Indeo Audio 2.5 :

Indeo audio 2.5 is the primary audio compression codec used by the Indeo Video 5 Progressive Download Publisher. This release includes the following features:

– 8:1 Compression

– Indeo audio compresses 16-bit raw PCM audio by a factor of eight. For example, a one-second CD-quality audio (16-bit PCM, 44.1 kHz sample rate, stereo) clip requires 176,400 bytes of storage. After compression, it requires 22,050 bytes of storage.

– Support for Standard Multimedia Sample Rates. Sample rates of 8,000 Hz, 11025 Hz, 22050 Hz, and 44,100 Hz are supported. It is possible to convert to a lower sample rate while compressing an audio clip with Indeo audio. For example, the one-second CD-quality audio clip mentioned above could be converted to 8,000 Hz sample rate during compression. In this case the compressed clip would require 4,000 bytes of storage. Note, however, that decreasing the sample rate can dramatically reduce the audio quality.

– Support for Stereo and Mono. Both stereo (two channel) and mono (one channel) compression and playback are supported. Mono requires half the storage space of stereo. For example, if the one-second CD-quality stereo audio clip mentioned above is compressed as mono at 8,000 Hz sample rate, the resulting compressed audio clip would require only 2,000 bytes of storage! However, note that compressing stereo audio as mono can dramatically reduce the audio quality.

Important Note :

– Indeo XP for Windows includes Indeo Video version 5.2 and Indeo Audio 2.5 and is available for purchase and download through Ligos Corporation website.

Ligos Indeo Codec

Ligos Indeo Codec

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