FourCC : FMP4

logo2DirectShow filters supporting the codec and you can download the codec here : FourCC : FMP4 The FFDShow codec is well known and very popular. This can be downloaded on this website. This is part of the FFDShow codec.

FourCC : FMP4

This is the for letter code for the FMP4 which is a video codec used for MPEG-4 video compression. You will note that the ffdshow is a DirectShow and VFW codec. This has been mainly used for decoding and encoding video and audio formats. Finally these would include the FMP4 format.

The ffdshow makes use of the libavcodec library to decode FMP4 video. This allows the FFDShow to play back FMP4 format and encoded video files in media players. Finally you will note that most media players today support DirectShow which includes even the Microsoft player.

Firstly as you will note that this is another open-source codec. These are free to use and available for downloading. Many of the codec packs tend to include the FFDShow. Don’t install codec packs as it makes a mess of your codecs. Only install what you need and you can find out what codec your video or audio needs. You can use something like codec sniper for this. See also the FFDShow MPEG4 video decoder as well as the Ogg directShow filters.

Finally, ffdshow is a useful codec to have installed on a computer, as it can help ensure that FMP4-encoded videos can be played back properly in media players that support DirectShow. See also the cif single chip as well as the razorlame.



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