Ogg DirectShow Filters

With Ogg DirectShow Filters you can watch and if you want to, create, .ogm wrapped videos. Using the OGM instead of the common AVI wrapper has several advantages, namely the fact that the audio and video should always, under virtually any circumstances, maintain synch.

The package contains the actual DirectShow filters as well as various tools for handling .ogm streams, such as Ogg Splitter and Ogg Multiplexer. The fmp4 codec as well as the autodesk animator on here as well as the Razorlame.

Codec : Ogg DirectShow Filters

Ogg comes with a total of 4 filters which are built into the Ogg Vorbis package which is listed down below.

  • Ogg Splitter : This splits your Ogg files into separate Ogg streams;
  • Ogg Multiplexer : This takes many streams and turns it into one;
  • Vorbis Encoder : This is responsible for encoding PCM audio to vorbis etc;
  • Vorbis Decoder :  This part of the software allows decoding Vorbis audio to PCM or IEEE float.

This version had been improved with the OggDS.dll being split into VorbisDS.ax (Vorbis Encoder/Decoder). This and also the OggDS.ax (Ogm Muxer/Splitter) file. This which has been made independent installation possible. The was the last version released for Ogg. The Ogg file may contain multiple streams. These can be the audio stream,  video stream as well as the subtitle stream. Finally the splitter allows you to extract these streams into their separate files and save them. See also the xvid codec download.



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