FourCC : FPS1

logo29What is the FourCC : FPS1 about? This codec used by Fraps screen video capture utility. Download it here as the Fraps Codec here.  This codec the Fraps codecs is available on this website as well. You can download the codec on the other page on this website. This is also known as the Fraps codec.

FourCC : FPS1

If you are into gaming and wan to record your screen play then the Fraps codec is what you will be looking for. The Fraps codec is a well-known and popular video capture and benchmarking software. The codec as explained in mainly used for screen recording. The video compression algorithm has been used by many other software in the gaming industry. You can download the Fraps Codec here.

fraps codecLike other gaming codecs the Fraps codec is also a proprietary codec. Much like the 3IV1 codec as well as the BINK codec which are also propriety gaming codecs. The BLZ0 codec is also another gaming codec. These codecs have been designed to achieve high-quality video compression with very little loss of the images details. These codecs make them well-suited for capturing action games where past play as well as high-resolution rates are the norm.

Th codec has a combination of lossless as well as lossy compression techniques to achieve its results. Much like others it compresses the video on a frame by frame bases. Each as a separate image. This eliminates the inter-frame compression which allows for easy seeking on the video. The file size might be a big large however the image quality is excellent.

The Fraps codecs is a propriety codec and is not widely compatible with other software and platforms. The video however may need to be converted if you are going to share the video or audio. Finally also see the CGDI codec on here.