FourCC : 3IV1

logo2What is the FourCC : 3IV1 or 3ivx codec? The Four Character Code, which is a sequence of four bytes used to uniquely identify a particular video codec. In this instance it is the 3ivx video codec version 1.

FourCC : 3IV1

You will note that the 3ivx codec is another video compression format. This format was developed to provide high-quality FourCC 3IV1video with relatively low bitrates. This makes the codec very useful. With video streaming as well as with other applications that use the internet.

The 3ivx codec uses advanced compression techniques much like others. This one allows for motion estimation as well as for compensation. This is how is reduces the data required to play the video while still preserving as much visual detail as possible. The codec is mainly used for encoding video for playback on mobile devices. This is not uncommon with smartphones and tablets, as well as for video streaming services and video conferencing applications. See also the 3IV2 codec or the second version on here. There is also the FourCC : BLZ0 which is also another gaming coed.

3IVX Codec Support

The 3ivx codec supports MPEG-4: AVI, OGM, MKV: 3ivx (3IV1 3IV2), DivX 3 (DIV3 DIV4), DivX 4 (DIVX), DivX 5 (DX50), DivX 6 (DX50), Xvid (XVID) MOV, MP4, 3GP  Audio: tag 5376  Download this below.

3ivx codecThe 3iVX is not very common however you can make use of the trial software below. You will need to contact 3ivx if you wish to use it beyond the trial period of 30 days as it stops working. Most people tend to install the trial and then convert the video into another format so that the trial software is not needed again. As stated these formats are rarely in use. It  does however fix you errors.

Note: The Trial software is restricted to 30 days with 50 audio encodes. See also the Fraps Codec which is another gaming codec.


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3ivx MPEG-4 5.0.4