FourCC : ADV1

logo2What is the FourCC : ADV1? “ADV1” is a FourCC (four-character code) that is used to identify a particular video codec. FourCC codes are four-character identifiers used to represent video codecs, compression formats, and pixel formats in multimedia files.

FourCC : ADV1

This is another rare codec in use. ADV1 would mean that it is short the Loronix Codec. wavlet = 1:wavlor.dll, “vidc.ADV1”, “Loronix Wavelet Codec”  Download the Codec here :  Loronix Codec. If you are getting other issues then search this website for more information. The FourCC gives you are good idea as to what is missing from your computer.

Loronix Wavelet Codec is a video codec that was developed by Loronix Information Systems, Inc. The codec uses wavelet compression to achieve high levels of compression while preserving the quality of the video.

FourCC ADV1There are a number of other codec ID’s on here. These include the FourCC : BLZ0 as well as the FourCC : 8BPS. The FourCC : 3IV1 was the first version of a video codec from the early 2000’s. You can search this website for these software codecs to make you audio as well as your video function. Also the EM4A codec and FLJP codec.

Much like the ADV1 codec. The  Loronix Wavelet Codec is a much older technology that has now largely been replaced by more modern codecs. The more modern codecs include but are not limited to the H.264, H.265, and VP9, which offer better compression and higher video quality. The Media Player Classic MPC has many of these already built in. Should you still wish to play a video in the older codec then download the codec here.