FourCC : BLZ0

logo2What is the FourCC : BLZ0 meaning or Blizzard Video Codec? This is also called the  Bink Video codec. The four ASCII characters used to identify data formats. This allows software to know which codec to use and its format. This is part of a coding structure. The BLZ0 is explained further down below.

FourCC : BLZ0

“BLZ0” is a FourCC code is for a propriety codec which was developed by Blizzard Entertainment. This codec was used in their games as well as videos. It is also called the “Blizzard Video Codec” or “Bink Video”, and is used to compress and play back video content.

The history of the codec is that is was developed by RAD Game Tools. Much like the Bink video codec, which uses the FourCC code BINK. However, the BLZ0 codec is a proprietary format that is only used by Blizzard, while Bink is used in a wide variety of games and software.

The name “Blizzard Decoder” likely refers to a software decoder. This is used to decode and play back video content compressed using the BLZ0 codec. This decoder is likely developed and distributed by Blizzard. Finally it is likely integrated into their software products that use this codec.

Identify BLZ0 Codec


“FriendlyName”=”DivX for Blizzard Decoder Filter”

FourCC : BLZ0

Firsty if you are going through all the codec issues then most times we try and add the solution below the question. For this issue the Blizzard Codec will solve it. Finally search this website for more information and solutions for your problems. See also the FourCC : 8BPS as well as the FourCC : AASC.


Download the codec here:

Find the decoder Blizzard Decoder here!