logo2What is the FourCC : BINK? Bink is a “better-than-DVD” class codec – it compresses at higher quality than DVD at up to three times the playback speed! Bink uses up to 16 MB less memory at runtime than other codecs.  


The Bink codec was used mainly in game platforms. This usually got installed with the RADTools. Installing RAD Tools which is free normally solves the Bink codec issue as the tools need to  have the Bink codec installed in order to work. This is the same type os setup as other gaming codecs. These include the BLZ0 codec which is also a gaming codec. Much like the FPS1 codec on here as well.

You will thus note that Bink is a proprietary video codec which was developed by RAD Game Tools. Much like others this is a game development company. The codec was designed to compress video files for its use in video games. Hence it was optimized for real-time playback. Being a game this has to be workable on a wide range of hardware platforms. This ranged from the usual desktop computers to game consoles.

The RADtools include a range of video compression and playback technologies, as well as game development tools and middleware solutions. The most common codec today is the AVC1 codec and the ASLC codec. See the RAD below for download.