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Real Alternative Player

Real Alternative PlayerThe Real Player Alternative is one of the best players on the market to play real files with. The original Real Player has over the years become a problem with all the addon that they now have with the player. Free does not mean free when you have bloated software.

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Codec Pack K-Lite

Codec Pack K-LiteThe Codec Pack K-Lite is one of the most complete codec packs on the internet. It contains every single codec you might need for your computer and these range from codecs, media players and audio players. The K-lite codec package is simply the best codec package on the internet.

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Codec Pack for XP

Codec Pack for XPOne of the most used codecs packs on the internet is the Windows XP codecs pack. Many use the pack as it contains all the codecs you will ever need for Windows XP. The codec pack for XP contains the following codecs for your WinXP computer. Note that there is also the K-Lite option

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Monkey’s Audio

Monkey's AudioThe Monkey’s Audio is a codec for the high end of the audio market. It is easy to use and its compression is excellent. Other codecs such as Ogg create smaller files however the audio is degraded. The monkeys audio codec is one the best audio codecs on the market.

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RadLight MPC DirectShow Filter

Note that this files has not been updated since 2005 yet is still very popular to give you good music quality with a much smaller audio file. The MPC format which it creates has been based on the MPEG-1 Layer-2 and on the MP 2 algorithms which makes it very useful. Most codec packs still add this into their combinations as it is still widely used.

The version was last updated in 2005 as stated above.


RadLight MPC DirectShow Filter


CoreFlac Decoder

This is the latest version of the FLAC decoder and Encoder being version 0.4. If you want to play FLAC movies then you will need to have this small program on your computer. This file can be used by Media Player Classic or any media player based on DirectShow. This update was released in February 2015 and is the latest file for your movies.

Search this website for more files to use while using movies from the internet or search for a codec pack even though they have become very problematic over the years.

Core FLAC Decoder & Encoder


CIF Single Chip Camera

CIF Single Chip CameraThis camera is very popular as it uses the older SC-120 chipset. If you have a computer which says that it cannot find the driver and is unable to identify the driver and places it in the “unknown devices’ so common today then this is the camera driver you are looking for. It would normally only show CIF Chip or CIF Single Chip. This is a USB camera driver and was originally made by Orite1.

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Not able to play any video in ?

Question by GovernorJason: Not able to play any video in ?
I have downloaded Windows Media Player Basic as well as a video player called. “GOM Player”. After downloading those and and codec software packages all I get is audio and absolutely no video. What gives?

Best answer:

Answer by DMZ
There can be a number of problems. Many people simply install every possible codec in one of these codec packs and this creates new problems such as conflicts. Best thing to do if you installed a codec pack is to uninstall the pack. They tend to create more problems than most. K-Lite is the biggest offender when it comes to this.Uninstall the codec pack reboot and try and play the video file again. 90% of the times it works.

If you are in the unlucky 10% then what you can try is to install a smaller codec pack called CCCP Codec. This codec pack contains only the very basic codecs and filters needed. If that does not work then try reinstalling the driver of your graphics card. Those are the only 3 options available if you have audio and no video on your player.


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My phone cannot play the video file?

Question by cat: ive sent a Video file from my phone to my computer but it says cannot play the file, what can i do to play it?
this is the full message “Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file”. im using windows 7the register say its ‘IMG_0035.3gp’ so can i do something to the windows media player or would i need a different program to view it? and could you save and burn on the new program?

Best answer:

Answer by WickedGetz
You need to download a codec to play the file.try downloading VLC player  it works wonders

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Q&A: No video software will work on my files?

Question by : no video software will work on my files?
i have tried Windos movie maker, wax, Avs converter and a crap load more, for some reason nothing will work it says the format is messed up or some problem has happened. when i use windows movie maker it says i dont have codec thing and i have downloaded like 10 times. Im just getting really frustrated because i cant put music with my video….

Best answer:

Answer by Alan
that sounds abnormal ! usually video converter works right for this kind of problem. what your file format?or try some other?

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