Audacity Error Codes

DownloadIf you are using Audacity then see what the Audacity error codes mean. We cover three of the most common error codes you will get in Audacity. These are the error code 11, error code 13 as well as error code 101. These are the most common error codes and we will cover what they are about and how to possibly fix them.

Audacity Error Codes

So lets over the most common issues and if those fail what other options there are. See also the downloading and installing Audacity if there was an error. Also check if you have correctly installed or installing the FFmpeg for Audacity audio as well.

Audacity Error Code 11

In the Audacity software the error code 11 is usually an indication that the Audacity program is having a problem with accessing a file or writing to a file. If this is on Linux then check the file ownership and if the program is allowed to write to it. Most times this occurs when you are saving an audio file or exporting the settings for a project.

  • Check that you are not out of harddrive space or that the USB is writable;
  • Then check permissions on the files and folders;
  • Try exporting the audio file into another format;
  • If none of these work then see at the bottom of this page.

Audacity Error Code 13

The next common error is the error code 13 from Audacity. The error code 13 normally indicates that the program is having problems accessing your selected audio device. You will note that this error can occur when attempting to record or play back audio using Audacity.

  • Is the current device being used by another application?
  • Is the device connected and configured?
  • Are the device drivers installed and up to date?
  • Does Audacity have access permissions for the device?

Basic questions but you should check if the device is connected to Audacity. Example if you had Audacity open and then plugged in the device, then Audacity will not see it. You have to rescan the devices when you do this. Audacity is not plug and play in that regard. See under Audacity audio problems to see how to rescan your computer devices with Audacity.

Audacity Error Code 101

The error 101 in Audacity, the error code 101 indicates that Audacity is unable to open an audio file. This error can occur when attempting to import or open an audio file in Audacity. Most times this is because the file has been corrupted. This can be a complex issue.

  • Your file is corrupted or in a format that Audacity does not support;
  • The files is being used by another application;
  • The name of the file is too long
  • There is no permission for Audacity to access the file.

What to do next?

  • Can the file be played in another program?
  • Check if the file is locked by another program
  • See if there are special characters that Audacity will not read?
  • Can Audacity access the file?

Audacity error code -9999

In the Audacity software the error code -9999 typically indicates a problem with the audio device or audio driver. This error can occur when you try to record or play audio in Audacity and the audio device or driver fails to work properly.

  1. Check your audio settings: Lifewise go to the Edit menu, click on Preferences, and then click on Devices. Make sure that the correct audio device is selected for recording and playback.

  2. Update your audio driver: Check if there is an updated audio driver for your computer’s sound card or audio interface. You can usually find the latest driver on the manufacturer’s website.


If you don’t see a signal when you test the microphone then see disable audio enhancements.