Audacity Pitch Shifting and Time Stretching

I have explained the Audacity pitch shifting and time stretching on here as well as the pitch shifting and time stretching with FFmpeg as well. You can change the pitch as well as the time on the audio. This is mainly to create custom audio mixes while using Audacity.

Audacity Pitch Shifting and Time Stretching

Firstly you will need to install Audacity on your computer. See under download Audacity on here how to start as well as complete the install. You can also see the articles that I wrote on Audacity Functions as well as Audacity Error Codes. There is also the article on common Audacity problems.

Step 2: Open Audacity:

Launch Audacity on your computer system.


Step 3: Import Your Audio File:

Now click on File > Open and select the audio file you want to modify.


Step 4: Perform Pitch Shifting:

To shift the pitch, go to Effect > Change Pitch. Adjust the “Semitones” slider to change the pitch up or down. You can also adjust the “Percent Change” for finer control.


Step 5: Perform Time Stretching:

To stretch or shrink the duration without changing pitch, go to Effect > Change Speed. Adjust the “Percent Change” to increase or decrease the duration of the audio file. See also the article on How to add fade-in and fade-out with Audacity.


Step 6: Preview and Export:

Preview the modified audio file to ensure it meets your expectations. Once satisfied, go to File > Export to save the modified audio file in your desired format.

That’s it! You’ve now successfully performed pitch shifting and time stretching using both FFmpeg and Audacity. Experiment with different settings to achieve the desired effects for your audio files. Lastly you may also be interested in the article called Audacity sound levels settings as well as Creating Looping Audio with Audacity.