Creating Looping Audio with Audacity

I wrote the article on how to creating looping audio with Audacity is possible. This is similar but not the same as the looping audio with FFmpeg. You can find that on this website as well. You can read below on how to achieve this audio looping with Audacity. Lastly also see the article on Audacity itself.

Creating Looping Audio with Audacity

Step 1:

You will need to download Audacity on this website. Likewise see the instruction on that page as to how to install Audacity as well. Once installed you can then move on to the next step after installation. See also the article on adding Fade-In and Fade-Out with Audacity as well.


Step 2:

Fire Up Audacity: Once Audacity is installed, open it up and get ready to rock.


Step 3:

Bring in Your Audio: Click on File > Open and choose the audio file you want to loop. Simple, right?


Step 4:

Pick Your Loop Spot: Now, use the selection tool to pick the part of the audio you want to loop. Make sure it smoothly connects back to the start.


Step 5:

Make it Loop: Head to Tracks > Edit > Loop Region to set up your loop region based on your selection. Likewise also see the article that I wrote on FFmpeg Audacity.


Step 6:

Export Your Loop: Go to File > Export > Export as WAV to save your looped audio as a WAV file.


Step 7:

Double-Check Everything: Once it’s exported, take a peek to make sure your looped audio is looking and sounding just how you want it.

Likewise you have yourself a looping audio clip, all thanks to Audacity. Play around with different parts of your audio and loop settings to find the perfect loop for your project. Likewise also see the converting Audio Files with FFmpeg and Audacity as well as the FFmpeg for Audacity Audio.