Ogg Vorbis ACM Codec

logo2The Ogg Vorbis ACM Codec can be downloaded here. This is an audio compression format which has become very popular on the internet. You can compare the Ogg ACM codec to other formats such as  MP3, VQF, AAC, and other digital audio formats. Ogg Vorbis however has a much better quality than what MP3 is every going to have.

Ogg Vorbis ACM Codec

This is a codec that can be used to compress and decompress audio data. It does this by using the Ogg Vorbis audio format in Ogg Vorbis ACM CodecMicrosoft Windows. The format used to be very popular when it came to market. The Ogg Vorbis format is still a very popular open-source audio compression format. The reason for its popularity was that provides high-quality sound with relatively low file sizes. When bandwidth was limited and expensive it was very useful for making streaming and downloading audio content over the internet.

The Ogg Vorbis ACM Codec allows software applications running on Microsoft Windows to read and write audio data in the Ogg Vorbis format. This can be useful for a variety of applications. The main use was with media players as well as with audio editors as well as with streaming software. We all recall when Real Player came out. By using the Ogg Vorbis format, these applications can provide high-quality audio with reduced file sizes, making it easier to store and transmit audio data over the internet. Note that the software is no longer updated and was last updated in 2002. See also the MKV codec on here.

Ogg Vorbis ACM Codec Error Codes

The following errors normally means that it requires the audio codec listed below. Theses are the errors with codec is needed:

– Audio Codec Tag 26479 may be requested when codec is missing.

When you encounter the Audio Codec Tag 26479 error, it means that the media player or application you’re using is unable to identify or decode the audio codec.

– Audio Codec Tag 26481 may be requested when codec is missing.

Much like with the Audio Codec Tag 26479 error, the most likely cause of the Audio Codec Tag 26481 error is that the audio codec used in the file is not supported by the media player

– Audio Codec Tag 6771 may be requested when codec is missing.

– Audio Codec Tag 676F may be requested when codec is missing.



Ogg Vorbis ACM Codec

Version : (July 8, 2002)