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FourCC : 3IV1

logo2These are one of the many codec errors which you may get. The 3ivx codec supports MPEG-4: AVI, OGM, MKV: 3ivx (3IV1 3IV2), DivX 3 (DIV3 DIV4), DivX 4 (DIVX), DivX 5 (DX50), DivX 6 (DX50), Xvid (XVID) MOV, MP4, 3GP  Audio: tag 5376  Download the Codec here:  3ivx

The 3iVX is not very common however you can make use of the trial software below. You will need to contact 3ivx if you wish to use it beyond the trial period of 30 days as it stops working. Most people tend to install the trial and then convert the video into another format so that the trial software is not needed again. As stated these formats are rarely in use. It  does however fix you errors.

Note: The Trial software is restricted to 30 days with 50 audio encodes.


3ivx MPEG-4 5.0.4

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