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Features of Jpeg 2000

Download CodecThe most common question about Jpeg 2000 has been the advantages of the format. you can read about the Jpeg 2000 vs Jpeg on this website as well as a free Jpeg 2000 viewer which is widely used by the science community.

Features of Jpeg 2000

  • Jpeg 2000 has a very low bit-rate performance;
  • It offers Lossless and Lossy compression;
  • Scalability – pixel accuracy and resolution;
  • It also offers fix rate compression as well as fixed size;
  • Limited memory use;
  • Random codestream access and processing;
  • Robust in error prone environment.

These are the features of the Jpeg 2000 and gives you a good idea why many in the science community use this format. It offers great pictures without the errors and huge memory use.


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