WTVC Codec 1.12

WTVC Codec 1.12 is a lossless screen capture codec provided by WebTrain Communications. The codec is not used mcu today and many have used it for cams and other cameras. Check your camera requirements for this codec.

WTVC Codec 1.12

This is a streaming codec from WebTrain Communications (WTVC). This is a company that provides video streaming services. You might think of other streaming services. They have however developed their own proprietary codec which has become the “WTVC codec” which in the FourCC is called the WTVC. Note also that this codec is specifically designed for video streaming over the internet. The codec has also been optimized for low bandwidth connections. It is recommended that if you have problems with streaming then contact WebTrain Communications directly. See also razorlame as well as the gmp4 codec as well.

Much like other codecs it compresses and decompresses digital media files. This allows you to watch the video on your screen. The WTVC will show as an error when you try and use the streaming services without the codec. The use of codecs started any years ago as an efficient storage, transmission, and playback of your video files. The codec decompresses the data and reconstructs the original file as explained. This can then be played back with good quality video and sound. You will note that different codecs will use different algorithms and techniques to compress and decompress your video and audio files.


• FOURCC used by this codec: WTVC


Download WTVC Codec 1.12