FourCC : DIV4

logo2See what FourCC : DIV4 means. Fast motion codec (optimised for fast motion source material). You will find this codec from the DIVX player website here. Download the DIVX4 codec there.

FourCC : DIV4

As you are aware. The DivX codec is a video codec. This is software that will compress as well as decompress a video or audio FourCC DIV4file. This software allows for high-quality video compression as well as playback.

You will note that the numbers following the DivX name such as 3 or 4 refers to different versions of the codec. The higher the number usually the newer the codec. See also the DivX MPEG-4 audio compressor as well as the DivX 3.11 codec.

DivX4 and DivX3 are two different versions of the DivX codec:

The DivX3 which is also known and seen as a DivX Low-Motion codec. This was widely used and was first released in the early 2000’s. Low motion content refers to content such as cartoons. It had very limited support for advanced features. The limited features had been video features such as interlacing as well as motion compensation. This was not originally needed when DivX came out. There was now also color space conversion. Slow motion video does not really require those features.

Now the DivX4 which was also called the DivX Pro was released just two years after the DivX3. There had been new features on this release. It now included support for higher motion video as well as interlacing. There was also improvement on color space conversion. With this also came better compression efficiency than before.  With this also came new features such as subtitles as well as with multiple audio tracks. This made it more suitable for creating video files with more advanced features.

DivX4 is a newer and more advanced version of the DivX codec compared to DivX3. It offers better compression efficiency and support for more advanced video features, making it more suitable for creating high-quality digital video files. You can also see the Divx3 post for more details with regards to DivX4 as well as the DivX3 codecs which are also used by the FourCC : DIV3.