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Tracey Brown

I develop websites and content for websites related to diplomatic missions and IT related websites from around the world. See more pages and content about IT developments, embassies and other IT and diplomatic missions. You can see more websites from my profile as listed.

WTVC Codec 1.12

WTVC Codec is a lossless screen capture codec provided by WebTrain Communications. The codec is not used mcu today and many have used it for cams and other cameras. Check your camera requirements for this codec.

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Prosumer Video

Download the above file, and extract it (with 7-zip or WinRAR for example). Move the btvvc32.drv file to your Windows/System folder (Win95, 98, Me), WINNT/System32 folder (WinNT 4, 2000), or Windows/System32 folder (WinXP, 2003, Vista 32-bit).

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Fraps Codec

The Fraps codec (FPS1) is put on the system when you install Fraps. If you’ve reinstalled Windows you will also need to reinstall Fraps in order to play back your movies. Please keep in mind that if you want to give your raw footage to another person they will also need to have Fraps installed.

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