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Tracey Brown

I develop websites and content for websites related to diplomatic missions and IT related websites from around the world. See more pages and content about IT developments, embassies and other IT and diplomatic missions. You can see more websites from my profile as listed.


logo2This is used by the Cinepak codec. The Cinepak codec is a rather old coding technique that is still used today but not much. The Cinepak codec  advantage comes from its simplicity at the decoder stage, rather than bitrate versus quality performance.

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FourCC : DIV3

logo2This is a well known low motion codec (optimised for low motion source material). Today you will find this still in use by many video files. This DIV3 shows you that the codec needed is a DIVX3. You can download it here:  Divx3

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FourCC : DIV4

logo2Fast motion codec (optimised for fast motion source material). You will find this codec from the DIVX player website here. Download the DIVX4 codec there.
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logo2This FOURCC code is used for versions 4.0 and later of the DivX codec. You can see the the files from the version 4 of the DivX on this website else you have to check the DivX Player website for a complete player and codecs.
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